Sunday, September 9, 2012

Setting up Terminals: Developer Friendly Environment

Working with terminals is quite interesting and quite straight forward , today's tech explosive I encountered was on configuring the Ubuntu (perhaps will be applicable for almost all the linux tools) terminal for quick access and for swift development. These are some of the additional softwares and steps which can be used for interactive terminal configuration.

Running Multiple Terminals Simultaneously

Terminator is an interactive tool which will allow multiple terminals function at the same time. More information on this tool can be refereed from

In summary the tool can be download from execution of the command  'apt-get install terminator' 
in the Ubuntu console.

Smooth Navigation

Navigation between the directories from the terminal can be quite a tedious task for quite lengthy directory structures. 'nautilus-open-terminal' is an interesting tool which will allow a user to open the terminal from a navigated directory, simply through right clicking the mouse and opening up the terminal. More information of the tool can be refereed from

The application can be downloaded 'apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal'once downloaded re start the machine.

Simultaneous Action with Smooth Navigation

As discussed through the above topics, for a developer friendly environment it requires integration of both the features. The good news is that is it's possible !
This can be done through installation of a package nautilus-actions by execution of sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions After the installation run configuration tool nautilus-actions-config-tool Once the configuration is executed add new item, Name it "Open with Terminator..." In the command tab
full path : /usr/bin/terminator
parameters : --working-directory=%d/%b

Then logout and login.. You are good to go !
More information can be referred from

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